Tops Reasons Why Picking Pixel 4 over Samsung Galaxy S10 Is a Better Idea

Samsung is a company that brought Android into the limelight through its Galaxy smartphones. And why you may like to have a smartphone from Samsung is that the company produces great smartphones. One of the latest flagships released by Samsung is the Galaxy S10 that performs exceptionally well from many different perspectives.

However, you may like to have a Google Pixel 4 instead of Samsung Galaxy S10. The reason is that Pixel 4 does a few things better.

Top reasons Pixel 4 may be a better choice

One thing worth mentioning here is that Pixel 4 has not lived up to expectations due to certain factors. But still, it may be of great value as compared to Galaxy S10 from a number of aspects.

The Pixel 4’s screen is not quite pretty. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S10’s screen is curved from the edges; which is a quite an attractive feature. But, this curved screen is functionally narrower than it actually is; and that’s what makes the Pixel 4’s flat screen a better feature in this comparison.

The screen unlock technologies used by both of the phones are different. Both Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL uses radar-based facial recognition system, while Galaxy S10 uses in-screen fingerprint scanner. If you read top reviews, you will know that S10’s fingerprint scanner is not quite up to the mark due to accuracy issues. On the other hand, Pixel 4’s face recognition system is impressively accurate and quicker than expectations.

Your Pixel 4 is going to get Google updates as soon as they are launched. On the other hand, Galaxy S10 owners have to wait for months in order to get those updates.

While camera hardware used by both Pixel 4 and Galaxy S10 are great, the Pixel 4’s AI based software does wonders. A smart allocation of processing capability and resources to the camera operating system allows Pixel 4 to make real time changes to the camera display. This way, you get to preemptively see what you are going to capture through the camera. On the other hand,, the photos taken by Galaxy S10 look overly processed.

Pixel 4’s 90Hz screen is an amazing feature that allows you to have a smoother experience while scrolling through web pages and playing games. Samsung Galaxy S10 uses the traditional 60Hz screen.

A few downsides

There are a few downsides of Pixel 4 you may need to know about. With these downsides in mind, you will be better able to make a decision whether or not you need to pick Pixel 4 over Samsung Galaxy S10.

  • Pixel 4’s battery comes with reduced capacity.
  • There is a 25W charger available with the Galaxy S10. The one available with Pixel 4 is 18W which is slower than Galaxy S10’s charger.
  • The camera quality of Galaxy S10 may be a bit inferior as compared to that of the camera pack in Pixel 4 but it has an additional ultra-wide lens which is not present in Pixel 4.
  • Pixel 4 doesn’t give best value for its price.

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